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5 best iPhone calendar apps to try

5 best iPhone calendar apps to try

Calendars are important tools for productivity, and although the default calendar app on the iPhone is quite good, you may sometimes need additional features. These are moments like these when we turn to the App Store, looking for similar apps with better features. However, the App Store has such a large number of apps that it's not easy to separate the good ones from the ones that aren't worth your time. If you're looking for a calendar app for your iPhone, you're in luck! I dug the internet and chose these 7 apps (or at least one), which I think you'll like. Therefore, here are the 7 best calendar apps for iPhone:

1. Fantastic 2

Simply the best calendar app that iOS currently has (and hard to imagine anything better), Fantastical 2 the crem de la crem of calendar apps. If you are looking for an application that not only facilitates the planning and management of activities on your iPhone, but makes it something you really like to do, then look no further. At $ 4.99, I wouldn't call the app cheap, in itself, but it's worth the price.

The app starts with a very well designed main screen and shows all your events and reminders in an accurate looking table. can scroll down on the " day ticker "to switch to" month view ", and again to go back. One of the good things (and there are many) of Fantastical 2, the fact that it shows your things to do right next to your events, why, well, where should they be?

However, this is not the best part of Fantastical 2. This is the best part – Fantastical 2 supports Natural Language for creating events and reminders; so you can type something like "Flight to Lucknow on Sunday at 12:30" and Fantastical will automatically create an event on Sunday at 12:30, titled "Flight to Lucknow". If you want to add a thing to do, however, you can simply switch the transition from the calendar icon to the check mark icon and you're done.

Another fantastic feature that Fantastical enjoys fantastic widget that has for iOS 10 . Seriously, that extremely useful widget can be activated ("Show less", "Show more") between a full-size widget showing the whole month and a smaller version, showing only the next scheduled event for the day. In the larger version of the widget, you can tap on individual days of the month to see the events you have on that day.

In addition to all these fantastic features, Fantastical 2 also offers a dark theme and much more personalization than most other calendar apps.

Install Fantastical 2 ($ 4.99)

2. Readdle calendars

Readdle has established itself as one of the "go-to-go's" for productivity apps. If you doubt it, you should use their email app, "Spark". The Calendars app by Readdle is no different. To begin with, it offers the possibility of synchronize with both your Google calendar and iCloud calendar . Then comes the home screen: simply fantastic. All your events are placed in the form of cards, which are color-coded according to the calendar you added them to. Tap on an event and you'll receive a small pop-up with the details (as long as you're not like me, and you've actually added a few).

The default view in which the app " Weekly view ", but you can switch between views" List "," Day "," Week "and" Month "whenever you want. Also, if you prefer your calendar to open in the daily view, or in the monthly view, etc., you can easily adjust it in the settings. You just have to go to" View options "and change the default view" Show all 'boot "from the list. Personally, I think the view of the week is amazing, and the view of the day a close second. However, we all use our calendars differently and we may prefer something else, which is why positive that" Calendars "offers the ability to set the default view.

The app supports " Natural Language "for creating events, but not available in the free version. You will need to upgrade to the pro version for that. However, the free version is quite useful as it is. The pro version offers features like" task manager "," invitations and attendees ", the ability to set" recurring events ", etc., which leads me to my biggest complaint (and it was difficult to find one) on this app. I think the ability to create recurring events shouldn't be something users should be paying for. one of the basic features of a calendar app and the default app natively supports.

Install calendars (free, with in-app purchases)

Note : you can buy the pro version of Calendars of Readdle or, if you wish, you can simply buy Calendari 5 (also from Readdle), which includes all the features offered by the paid version of Calendars. The price, in both cases, will reach $ 6.99

3. Timepage of Moleskine

Another really good calendar app for iOS, Timepage. The Timepage app, developed by Moleskine, a minimalist version of calendars (which are usually a bulky mess).

By simply launching the app, you will find that it has been created in a very meticulous way, to make the task of managing a calendar feel as beautiful as possible. " extremely well designed and it looks good, you could just keep it open at all times. The app history continues one page and you can simply scroll up and down to eternity. Long press of a day in the history reveals the weather forecast for that day (as well as for the other days visible in the timeline).

You can also adjust the number of days that are visible on a single screen of the app, pinching in and out to adjust the number from 3 to 10. However, I noticed that gestures were not always recognized correctly and more often, at the end I touched one day instead; which brings me to the next big thing on Timepage. When you touch a day in Timepage, you are directed to a page that shows all your events for that day. You can touch these events to edit them and if you press and hold the "moon / sun" icon at the bottom, the app displays promptly the time of day, with a cursor that you can move to get predictions, too.

Swipe right on the home screen and you will see one monthly overview, with the individual days colored from light to dark based on how busy you will be (darker more busy, however … in case they were asking you). Here you can also tap the small multi-colored dots at the bottom to view events based on individual calendars, such as the "Work" calendar or your "Gmail" calendar, etc. all very well animated and the app works smoothly.

The app also includes an Assistant, which can be accessed by swiping left on the main screen and tapping on "Assistant". Your assistant can warn you about the rains, give you gods daily briefings, remember to follow people and much more.

Install Timepage ($ 4.99)

4. Informant

Informant, formerly known as Pocket Informant, a calendar app with many advanced features, but with a small learning curve. Once you know how to use it, the rather large app. A complaint I have with this app (and rather irritating), which feels a little slow to respond, almost always. Not slow to the point of being slow, but visibly slow, however.

The app supports a variety of views, including the view "day", "week" and "month" among many others. It also has a view "year", where you can scroll up and down in years. I tried scrolling down to see what it would have been like last year, but I got tired at 2442. The point, though, that it will last longer than your iPhone, yourself and most likely all of humanity, at the rate you're going So, you know, he got you covered.

The informant seems to think he will live long enough to continue writing articles in 2442.

Seriously, the app offers some really great features, like the ability to set up multiple alarms for an event, which can be useful if you keep forgetting things. You can also set custom colors for events, if this is something you want to do; however, the feature is only available if you upgrade to the pro version of the app. The free version sets the color of the event based on the calendar to which you add the event. You can even set a passcode on the app or use TouchID if you don't want someone else to access your calendar for some reason.

The pro version of the app also offers many other features, such as the ability to add weather forecasts to the calendar, create custom event / activity templates, print, share, and a host of other features that may be useful. You can unlock the full update for $ 14.99 and the Power Feature Pack for $ 4.99.

Install Informant (free, with in-app purchases)

5. Google Calendar

If you are looking for a simple and free calendar that syncs with your Google account, then why not use the Google offer – Google Calendar? The app true to Google's design philosophies and shows your events throughout the day in beautiful, large colored papers. While I'm usually against Google's design on the iPhone app, this app brings it in style and does it so well that you can't hate it. Not for UI / UX, at least.

The app supports a number of views ranging from day and week at "3 days" view and a monthly view. The events are displayed in an orderly fashion and look really good. In addition, the calendar does sync with your Gmail accountthen all your Google calendar events will sync across all devices.

The app allows you to customize your calendar to some extent, though not as much as Fantastico, or Readdle calendars. You can change the day that will be treated as the beginning of the week, set a custom time zone if you don't want to use the device's time zone by default. There are other settings you can play with, but don't expect to be amazed by any of them.

The app designed to be used as a calendar, and that's all. You can easily add events, reminders and even goals by simply tapping on the pencil icon at the bottom right of the screen. Events, reminders, etc. They can also be set as recurring events, if desired. This is exactly what I was talking about when I mentioned "Calendars by Readdle" – repeating events a key feature in a calendar app, one that shouldn't be paid for.

Install Google Calendar (free)

Bonus: Rolo calendar

alias: if you don't like calendar apps, you might like it.

The joke of Rolo Calendar has something like "a calendar for people who don't like calendars", and actually a bit true. The app presents a completely new way of working with calendars, and days, weeks, even months, come displayed in the form of a ring with the events that fill them. You can rotate the ring to move back and forth in time and see what events will occur later. The app is very simple and does not offer many features, but still compelling.

You can add new events to your calendar by tapping the pi icon at the bottom of the screen, turning the ring to select a start and an end time . So, you have the possibility to select the type of event you are creating; options range from breakfast and lunch to meetings, appointments and even parties. can add a location to the event and even add the people who will attend the event with you.

That's pretty much everything the app does, but it does it really well, and as for simple calendars, it may be just what you're looking for. The app remains true to its philosophy of being a calendar for people who hate calendars, but for people who love calendars and for advanced users, the app will feel decidedly underpowered.

Install Rolo (free)

Manage your day with these calendar apps

With powerful calendar apps like the ones mentioned on this list, managing the day will surely become an easy task (word game). All these apps are very good, in their own way, and you will surely find the one that meets your needs in this list, whether it is advanced features, natural language features or simply a free calendar app that syncs with your Google Account; we covered them all. So which calendar app do you like best? Also, if you know of a calendar app for the iPhone that you think deserves to be on this list, please let us know in the comments section below.