5 apps to hide your sexy photos

5 apps to hide your sexy photos

Here's how to secure the content you want to hide from prying eyes

(Photo: KeepSafe)(Photo: KeepSafe)

After the recent photo theft os who threw Hollywood stars into panic, the uphill alert. Before you too happen to see the selfie you took in front of the mirror on the net naked as a mother did you, it is advisable that you equip yourself properly so that this does not happen. Here is a list of five apps which will help you build an impregnable fortress around your hot snapshots.

1. Private Photo VaultAvailable for iOS, the app allows you to import photos you want to keep only for you in private albums protected by pins. And in case of attempted theft? Private Photo Vault scatters a photo secretly to the thief as he tries to access your personal archive, also recording his GPS position.

2. Gallery Lock Lite and ProThe app's icon can be hidden from the phone by setting the hidden mode. available free for Android only for a limited number of shots. The Pro version, for a fee, can keep more photos.

3. KeepSafeNo frills, essential, but definitely efficient. It is a simple and direct app to keep photos safe by inserting them in albums protected by a pin. Free, downloadable for Android and iOS.

4. VaultyIt allows you to close your sexy shots (and even videos) in album-safe, take treacherous photos of the thief who tries to force access to your private archive, and lets you retrieve the contents of personal albums by accessing from the Internet in the event that they stole you or you lost your phone. Only for Android.

5. Best Secret FolderNo one will discover that you have downloaded the app, because its icon will be disguised under the name My Utilities (in addition, access to the password-protected application). With Best Secret Folder you can share the photos you entrust to the application on Dropbox, Google Drive or via email / cloud. Available for free for iOS.


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