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40 GB iPod on the horizon?

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The possibility, for now only theoretical, of an update to 40 GB of the iPod is looming.

Toshiba, the company that produces 1.8-inch mini-HD in Apple's MP3 player, in fact, recently updated its site by adding a disc called MK4004GAH (HDD1524) and whose capacity would be, in fact, 40 GB. The type of disk is the same as that of the 20 GB iPod but it is not possible to say more because the link, for now, does not lead anywhere.

Recall that in the past weeks there has been long speculation about a possible evolution of the iPod, with the inclusion of advanced multimedia capabilities, such as video playback for example. Such a product would not be conceivable given the current limited capacity of 20 GB.

Different speech would be if next to the 20 GB a 40 GB version was born capable, not only of hosting more than double the data of the current iPod, but also applications and a more complex operating system and, therefore, larger than the current one.

Recall that, as we explain in another article, Toshiba has just entered into an agreement with Panasonic to meet the growing market demands for 1.8 and 2.5-inch mini disks.