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254 effects also for iMovie 3 from Stupendous Software.

With the update of iMovie to the new version 3, Stupendous Software has updated all its plug-ins and introduced completely new ones, for those who buy them all, the package, currently discounted by 20%.

There are 254 plug-ins that can be purchased for an almost infinite variety of effects to be applied to the video that is mounted via iMovie 3.

The adjustments of the existing plug-ins mainly concern the new interface of iMovie 3 which responds to the needs of a window that is no longer fixed and with a preview of different resolution. To make the filters work at least iMovie 2.1.1 on Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X.

Eight groups of plug-ins divided by topics:

“Color Effects 1.2” (33 plug-ins, including 5 free, 1 new and 4 updated; 24.81 euros) manipulation of colors with various effects; here you can download the 91.3 KB demo.

"Crops & Zooms 1.2" (34 plug-ins, including 4 free, 4 new and 1 updated; 24.81 euros) effects of cropping, zooming and rotation of the parts of images; here you can download the 82.8 KB demo.

"Glows & Blurs 1.1" (29 plug-ins, of which 5 free and 4 new; 24.81 euros) defocus and manipulation effects on single colors; here you can download the 91.3 KB demo.

"Levels & Balances 1.2" (22 plug-ins, 3 of which are free and 10 new; 24.81 euros) correction and color balance in the Photoshop style; here you can download the 91 KB demo.

“Scratch & Dirt 1.1” (23 plug-ins, of which 4 new; 24.81 euros) addition of aging effects or damaged film; here you download the 101 KB demo.

"Smoke & Glass 1.2" (30 plug-ins, of which 5 free, 10 new; 24.81 euros) adds smoke effects or refraction through the glass; here you can download the 104 KB demo.

"SplitScreen & PIP 1.1" (22 plug-ins, including 4 free; 24.81 euros) division of the screen up to four sectors or picture-in-picture effects; here you download the 81.3 KB demo.

"Time Effects 1.2" (12 plug-ins, 3 of which new and 4 updated; 24.81 euros) slow motion effects on frame speed; here you can download the 88.3 KB demo.

Two new packages:

“Labels & Overlays 1.1” (36 plug-ins, of which 6 free and 30 new; 24.81 euros) overwrite annotations or graphics to images; here you can download the 83.6 KB demo.

“Time Effects 2 1.1” (13 plug-ins, including 3 free; 24.81 euros) speeding up or slowing down parts of the video with intuitive pre-set presets; here you can download the 86.8 KB demo.

The bundle of 254 effects instead costs 198.41 euros (including a 20% discount).

For customers of the previous versions the free upgrade.