15 best GoPro Hero accessories you can buy today

15 best GoPro Hero accessories you can buy today

GoPro has recently released a new action camera called the new GoPro Hero ($ 199) that the new GoPro entry level camera. The company undoubtedly represents the best action cams in the world and their latest offer, the GoPro Hero, is no exception. I like to think that GoPro action cams are action cam iPhone. The cameras are powerful, exceptionally well built, behave like beasts and have a wide range of accessories available to them. The part of the accessories is very important because well made accessories allow users to take a good product and make it even better. In this article, we will list the 15 best GoPro Hero accessories you can buy to do just that:

The best GoPro Hero accessories you can buy

1. GoPro 3-way grip

The 3-way GoPro socket is probably one of the best accessories you can buy for your GoPro Hero. The 3-way socket offers three different functions within a single product. The handle can be used as a camera socket, an extension arm or a tripod, offering users extreme versatility and the possibility of taking a variety of shots. The best part of the 3-way socket which, just like GoPro Hero, is waterproof, so you can use it almost anywhere. If there is an accessory that you should buy for your new GoPro Hero, it should be 3-way grip.

Buy from Amazon: $ 54, 98

2. GoPro dual battery charger + battery

GoPro Hero equipped with a 1220 mAh battery that is enough to power the device for 1, 5 or 2 hours depending on how you use it. Battery life may be sufficient for most users, however, there are many GoPro users who will find that battery life is not enough. If you are one of those users, you need to buy replacement batteries and a charger. The additional battery allows you to replace the battery whenever GoPro Hero remains without juice and the charger allows you to charge the battery without keeping your GoPro Hero engaged. If you plan on using GoPro Hero for more than a few hours a day, this is something you should definitely buy.

Buy from Amazon: $ 87

3. Anker PowerCore portable charger for GoPro Hero

While we're on the subject of batteries and power, check out this 20,000 mAh portable charger for Anker's GoPro Hero will allow you to load GoPro Hero more than 15 times . The best thing about this portable charger is that it's compact enough and you can carry it in your pocket. The charger can emit 4.8A current, which means GoPro Hero is charging at high speed. Finally, since it is a normal portable charger, it is also possible to charge smartphones and tablets with this.

Buy from Amazon: $ 55, 99

4. JOBY GorillaPod

JOBY GorillaPod one of the most exclusive tripods I've ever seen and will be a great accessory for your new GoPro Hero. The tripod legs are flexible and can be wrapped or folded in any way . This folding ability lets you put your GoPro Hero even on difficult areas and get perfectly stable shots. The tripod also very robust and can handle video cameras up to 6, 6 pounds, which means you can also use DSLR cameras with this. The JOBY GorillaPod a tripod that can help you nail down those difficult shots that you thought were not possible before.

Buy from Amazon: $ 47, 90

5. GoPro suction cup

Since GoPro Hero is an action camera, you will use it to capture a lot of filled actions. Since you can't use your hands to keep the GoPro hero on your bike, drive, sail or do anything else, you'll need some kind of mounting accessory that can hold the GoPro hero in his place. One of the best mounting accessories you can buy for GoPro Hero la GoPro suction cup that lets you connect your GoPro to cars, boats, motorcycles and more . The suction cup has been tested to maintain its position at speeds above 150+ mph, so no matter how fast you are going, you can be sure that your GoPro Hero and all its movies are safe.

Buy from Amazon: $ 39

6. Hapurs shoulder strap harness

While we are on the subject of mounting accessories, there are some others to check. While the suction cup good if you want to use GoPro Hero while driving a car or bicycle, useless if you practice adventure sports like paragliding and surfing. In these cases, you will need a shoulder mount harness that allows you to attach your GoPro Hero to your shoulder . The harness made of elastic nylon and polycarbonate buckle that is not only comfortable to wear but also strong enough to keep your GoPro Hero in place. The band is also elastic and adjustable, which means that you can use it regardless of the size of your body.

Buy from Amazon: $ 8, 99

7. Support for GoPro front and side helmet

Many people prefer to mount their GoPro cameras on their helmets and not on their shoulders while the GoPro-mounted helmet records movies from your eye's point of view. If you are one of those people, this front and side mount for GoPro helmets is a great accessory for GoPro Hero. The holder carries a rotating support assembly that allows you to easily adjust, rotate and aim while the camera is mounted . The mount is also compatible with all GoPro cameras, so you can use it with either your new GoPro Hero or any old GoPro camcorder you already have.

Buy from Amazon: $ 29

8. GoPro Manager

Of course, not all of us are passionate about adventure sports and some of us just want to shoot movies when we're swimming with our friends or just walking around our neighborhoods. In these cases, the GoPro Handler will be really useful as an accessory that allows us to mount GoPro cameras and manage them easily with one hand. The conductor comes with a writing strap that prevents your GoPro Hero from accidentally falling out of your hands . One of the best features of the manager that floats in the water so you can be sure not to lose your GoPro while swimming even when you drop it.

Buy from Amazon: $ 28, 75

9. Dome for SHOOT underwater hood

Ever wanted to take those fantastic underwater shots that capture half of the footage underwater and half above it? Well, these shots are made possible with third-party accessories and the dome of the SHOOT underwater hood one of these accessories that makes these shots possible. Once the dome of the hood is attached to your GoPro Hero, this will remove the waterline from the camera lens thus making 50/50 shooting possible . Not only that, the dome also reduces the reflection of the lens and improves the underwater shots of the camera. If you want to do some good tricks with GoPro Hero, check this out.

Buy from Amazon: $ 59, 99

10. Professional Ultra SanDisk 64 GB for GoPro Hero

There is no doubt that you can make really fantastic shots with your GoPro Hero, however, before you can even think of using it, you will have to invest in a good memory card that not only can save the movie but also fast enough to let you download that movie quickly . GoPro Hero uses a microSD card slot and whenever I recommend a good microSD card, I always recommend the one made by SanDisk. SanDisk is a very important brand when it comes to storage and I have used their products since I don't even remember when. I've never had problems with SanDisk memory cards and I have no qualms about recommending their products, so go and buy one.

Buy from Amazon: $ 29, 99

11. Super GoPro Suit

GoPro Hero as the other very robust GoPro cameras, however they are not unbreakable. That's why every time someone buys a GoPro camera, I suggest you also buy the super-complete from GoPro. Not only does the protective suit protect the GoPro Hero during extreme outdoor activities, but it also increases the waterproofness of the camera. Out of the box, GoPro Hero water resistant to 10 meters (33 feet) . With the super suit on, the GoPro Hero will be able to survive up to 60m (196 feet). Even if you don't care about increasing the waterproof, you should buy the super-complete to provide protection for your GoPro Hero.

Buy from Amazon: $ 49

12. Hapurs Lens Cap and Lens & Screen Protector for GoPro

If you want a cheaper option to protect your GoPro Hero, take a look at this Hapurs lens cover, lens and screen protector. Although this will not provide the overall protection of GoPro Hero as a suit, protect the most fragile parts of it that are the lens and the screen . The package includes screen protectors for both the lens and the screen and a lens cap. Seeing how it only costs $ 8, 59, this accessory is a breeze for every GoPro Hero l owner out there.

Buy from Amazon: $ 8, 59

13. Lifelimit Accessories Starter Kit for GoPro Hero

The Lifelimit accessory kit for GoPro Hero is one of the cheapest and best accessory kits you can buy. Kit contains bibs, headband, bicycle clip, handlebar holder, seat post support, carrying case and more . Most GoPro Hero accessories are very expensive and if you can't afford to invest so much money in accessories after spending money on the new GoPro Hero, this perfect starter kit for you.

Buy from Amazon: $ 15, 99

14. GoPro AAMIC-001 3, 5 mm microphone adapter

While GoPro Hero can record really beautiful movies, the same cannot be said of its audio quality. If you want to record flawless audio with GoPro Hero, you will need to use an external microphone and this accessory will help you connect the external microphone to GoPro Hero. basically a USB-C to 3.5mm headphone adapter that lets you connect external microphones to GoPro Hero. Although it is not ideal for connecting an external microphone to your GoPro Hero when recording adventure sports, it is really useful if you are recording only conversational movies.

Buy from Amazon: $ 49

15. GoPro Finder

Once you've finished buying all your favorite GoPro Hero accessories, you'll need a good backpack to carry them. That's where the GoPro Finder comes into play . GoPro Seeker a bag designed by GoPro to transport especially GoPro cameras and accessories . The bag has integrated compartments that can hold up to five GoPro cameras, multiple batteries, microSD cards and other accessories such as stands, straps and more. The bag also features integrated chest and shoulder supports that allow you to easily attach the GoPro Hero while carrying the backpack behind you. A slightly expensive backpack, but a one-time investment and will continue to serve you in the future even when you upgrade your GoPro cameras.

Buy from Amazon: $ 169

Get the most with the best accessories for GoPro Hero

This completes our list of the best GoPro Hero accessories that you can buy not only to protect GoPro Hero, but also to improve its usability. Let us know what your favorite GoPro Hero accessories are by writing in the comments section below. If there are GoPro Hero accessories that you would like to see on the list but are not there, share their name with us too.