12 Powerful images that describe the Hong Kong umbrella revolution

12 Powerful images that describe the Hong Kong umbrella revolution

With the lights filling the atmosphere making the moon a little less lonely, the people of Hong Kong are making a huge effort to restore faith in the country's system that has completely disappointed people. Whether it's the hard rain or the hotter sun, nothing is closing the protests of people who have an umbrella to help them. They are everywhere and so is their umbrella. So much so that social media have already nicknamed it the "Umbrella Revolution".

What is Umbrella Revolution?

This protest began to take shape in people's heads closely two years ago, when the country's chief executive officer CY Leung began to abuse his power. Not only did he ignore the interest of the people of Hong Kong, but he began to consider himself the Beijing man. The people of the country could not take it anymore and decided to have a democratically elected chief of the executive while the current one will not resign.

After many protests, the people of Hong Kong had the opportunity to have universal suffrage (democratically elect their chief executive) in the year 2017.

Then a couple of months earlier; August 2014, the current government (mainly the disputes over Beijing) introduced new restrictions. We had them: – (a) The electoral committee of 1200 people will still have the power to nominate candidates for the executive (b) The person to be appointed must have half the support from the members of the electoral committee (c) The maximum number of there may be only three candidates to be nominated

So in simple terms, the people of Hong Kong are made to seem crazy because politics has taken on primary importance for the current government. Not only is it more democratic, but a fake election procedure would be the best way to put the situation.

Here are some images that well describe the Umbrella revolution.













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In many protests taking place around the world they usually involve fire, effigies, burnt cars and much more. The Hong Kong protest involves only banners and umbrellas. And umbrellas are not just for themselves, they are used to protect the police from the rains that hit the country almost every day. This special protest for a special cause by special people for a special country. Hopefully the lights in their hearts will only dim when the sun finally rises, bringing happiness to the current distorted country.

Image courtesy: slate.com and buzzfeed.com