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1112 Episode 01 free for one day

1112 Episode 01 free for one day – Macitynet.it

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We recently reported on these pages the release of 1112 Episode 02, following the episodic graphic adventure created by the French team Agartha Studio for iPhone and iPod Touch. Well, to the happiness of all those who have not yet approached the series, the developers have today joined the FreeGameoftheDay.com initiative, publishing the very first chapter of the series for free. The initiative is only valid for today, and the boys of Agartha Studio hope that many new players will become passionate about the game and decide to buy the second episode.

1112 a classic point-and-click adventure in a noir setting, with a plot full of mystery and twists. By dialoguing with the other characters, interrogating them and analyzing the various objects scattered among the various scenarios, the player will have to try to clarify the protagonist's mind and memories. Currently the developers are already working on a third chapter of the saga but, only for today, 1112 Episode 01 available for free on the App Store.

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