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11 best sites like Coursera for online learning

11 best sites like Coursera for online learning

Coursera one of the best online learning platforms for students. Anyone can enroll and enroll in several courses for free and get a certificate of completion upon completion of their specific role. However, there are some topics that may not be available on Coursera but that doesn't mean you can't learn those online. You can always learn anything you want about the different Coursera alternatives that we have provided in this article. Below are the 11 best sites like Coursera where you can get quality online education.

1. edX

Let's start with edX because it is connected with the most prestigious schools and universities that include, but not limited to, Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, Australian National University and many others all over the world. edX allows you to choose and enroll in courses offered by several prestigious schools and universities around the world. You can participate in these courses for free and if you are interested in obtaining a verified certificate from the service, you will have to provide a small contribution that will automatically make you eligible for a verified certificate for the specific course. You should still complete the whole course and get positive marks to receive the certificate. edX offers courses in hundreds of different fields, from music to medicine, you can choose and learn anything. You can also choose different languages ​​that come in handy when you want to study courses in your native language.

2. Khan Academy

The Khan Academy started out as a small YouTube channel with a couple of videos that creator "Salman Khan" uploaded to teach his cousins ​​some basic mathematical concepts. However, it quickly became a complete mathematical course that covered almost every aspect of mathematics for students. The site has now become something even bigger and offers several educational videos on a wide variety of topics. The site has been completely redesigned and has become one of the best learning platforms for students. The courses are entirely free and there are no fees or subscriptions as a non-profit organization. You can learn anything you want, whenever you want, because the courses are flexible and you can complete them at any time because there are no time intervals like the other learning platforms.

3. Udemy

Udemy another great alternative to Coursera, however, most of the high class courses on Udemy are paid courses, which means you have to pay a fee to sign up for the course and start your learning journey. Costs start at $ 20 for many courses and go up to $ 100 and even more for some of the courses. You also earn a verified certificate for courses. There are also many free courses that you can sign up for and start learning your favorite subject. There are over 32,000 courses available on the site from different categories so you can learn anything whenever you feel like it. The courses are divided into several parts, such as video lessons, reading material, texts, assignments and quizzes as if you were in a real life class.

4. Alison

If free education is what you are looking for, Alison is the perfect place to start your educational journey. The site offers excellent entirely free courses and you can even earn a certificate for successfully completing the course. The courses are developed by industry professionals in different disciplines so you can start learning everything you like. Each course offers a complete practical approach so that you are assigned different tasks to complete and this is how you will be classified at the end. Alison takes away the complexity of online learning and makes it very easy for beginners to enroll in courses and start learning without too many problems. You can also create study groups with other students and study together for an even better learning experience.

5. Udacity

Udacity combines free and paid learning in a very simple and easy to understand way. If you are seriously interested in learning something online, but in reality you are not interested in a verification certificate, you can use Udacity for free and get all the course materials for free which includes all the videos and exercises of the course. However, if you really want to have access to multiple features like a job evaluation, instructor help, verified completion certificate, etc. You will then have to pay a monthly fee of $ 199. Paying monthly subscription fees gives you access to all courses and premium treatment. If you are unsure of the rates, you can always start the 14-day trial on the site and see if it actually suits you or not before paying the heavy amount. Udacity has a large collection of courses for people who are interested in technology and computers.

6. Codecademy

If you want to codify, better enroll in the Codecademy because, as the name suggests, the main goal of this site is programming and programming. If there is something that requires programming, then you will be able to learn it in Codecademy. The sites use interactive coding sessions instead of video lessons, so you don't have to watch boring and lengthy videos of other people coding while trying to keep up with them. Codecademy will provide you with interactive problems and ask you to show you the solution. You will be provided with useful tips and tricks along the way to help you with your coding skills and in this way you will collect any programming language in the shortest possible time.

7. Lynda

If you don't mind paying a small amount for your education, then Lynda is the perfect place for you because they have many subscription plans that allow you to access a wide variety of materials on different topics including Photoshop classes, CAD courses, and even more. You can get a 10-day free trial on the site and see if it suits you, after which you can choose one of the 4 different learning plans. The basic plan will cost you $ 24.99 per month and you will have unlimited access to all new courses and video conferences on the site. The premium membership will cost you $ 29.99 per month and you will have all the privileges as a basic member and in addition you can download the lessons on the video for later offline viewing and you will also have access to develop specific project files that offer an experience of better learning.

8. Duolingo

The best way to learn a completely new language is to play with it. That's not a joke instead of the whole operation model for the new language teaching service known as Duolingo. If you want to learn languages ​​that include, but not limited to, English, German, Italian, Turkish, French, Spanish, etc., then Duolingo is the perfect service for you because it makes learning experience. You will be provided with interactive games based on the language you need to play and complete, these minigames will include quizzes, name that element, make a word, etc. And each game will improve the understanding of the language you are learning. You will get scores and level up as if you were playing on your device.

9. Team Tree House

If you want to build your website or publish your personal app on any mobile platform (Android, iOS, Windows, etc.), then you should put your money into Team Tree House because one of the best websites to learn those skills. You need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $ 25 for the basic plan or $ 49 for the Pro plan. The basic plan allows you to access a large collection of video tutorials in HD, access member forums only for further assistance. and access the online coding platform provided by the site. With the pro plan, you get all the basic benefits in addition to exclusive bonus content and live speeches with industry experts, but if you are only interested in learning, the basic plan should serve you best. You can choose to become a web developer, a web designer, a Ruby developer, an Android developer, an iOS developer and much more, by enrolling in the fantastic courses provided by the TreeHouse Team.

10. OpenCulture

OpenCulture an open source learning project where you will find a wide variety of free courses. These courses require no enrollment and you can simply download them via iTunes as an audio file or watch them on YouTube in video format. Each media has been edited by the best professors of some of the most prestigious universities around the world. There are no assignments so you can complete courses at your own pace without haste. You can also download free ebooks, audiobooks and even educational films to further increase your learning. OpenCulture makes it easy for young students to learn anything with no time limit.

11. YouTube

Yes, we know you are thinking that YouTube is used only for watching kitten videos and gameplay, but not all of it. The aforementioned Khan Academy also uses YouTube to deliver its videos, which makes the Khan Academy a YouTube channel. There are many different channels on YouTube that will teach you many new things, from simple DIY things to some serious science teaching, you will get it all. Just search for your favorite subject and you will receive many videos that will teach you each and everything related to your favorite subject. Here are a couple of educational channels if you had to choose to use YouTube for education. The Newbury, Codecourse, WP Carey.

All these fantastic places to learn something new will surely quench your thirst for online education. If you are seriously interested in learning something, then you will love each of these platforms and the learning experience that comes with each different service. If Coursera does not have the courses you are looking for, these Coursera alternatives will certainly offer you something interesting.