11 2018 social media trends not to be missed

11 2018 social media trends not to be missed

Social media trends change rapidly, in 2017 we saw many innovations, here there are 11 not to be missed to face 2018

There is one thing that is constantly changing: social media trends. You might also be used to creating memes and adding videos to your channels, but it's time to learn a new set of rules.

Socialmedia trends2018

– The live streaming – The chatbots – The contents with expiration – The mergers between the companies of social platforms – A harder acquisition on the social traffic networks – The virtual reality and the augmented reality – An increase in personalized contents – an increased use of influencer on social media

Watch carefully with developments and trends in social media important to understand how to increase user engagement and disseminate important content for your business.What do you see instead on the horizon already in this 2017 for 2018?

Here are the social media trends to keep an eye on for the new year as you start planning the strategy for the new year.

Social media trends: 1) Increase relevant content

The contents not relevant spread on social media is a waste of time for everyone. It can be disappointing for a consumer to read news and updates that are not relevant to the brand, when exactly what you are looking for; almost three out of four people say they feel frustrated by the lack of relevance of the contents they find with respect to their real interests.

The personalization targeted towards specific audiences is one of the main trends of content marketing and extends, of course, also to social media. In the development of social platforms, it is plausible that the related analytical tools and even those oriented towards companies develop together to help companies share contents of value for the brand and interest for users.

Social media trends 2018: 2) Attentive to the overlap of social channels

At the moment Snapchat and Instagram provide timed videos and visual content, but Instagram Stories shows a significantly wider reach and greater engagement; influencers note that an average of 10% of their audience opens their Instagram Stories on a daily basis with results, therefore, generally better than Snapchat. But at the same time, Snapchat is still the queen of the very young. As platforms continue to gradually adapt to the services and features they offer, online marketing brands and experts will have to become increasingly selective in choosing which platform to use and why in terms of the target.

Social media trends 2017: 3) Engaged in social media listening

Instead of simply looking at what your competitors are doing in terms of the content they post, you should also pay attention to their mentions and what people say about them and use these indicators to compare them with your strategy and results.

Using web monitoring systems, we can gather an enormous amount of data on our company and also on the competition to use them in our marketing strategy. Our researchers have noticed that in the space of a month more than 30,000 searches started with Where can I buy? About 60% of these direct questions did not receive replies from the companies; this is a great opportunity, said Magdalena Urbaniak, Brand24's Global Communications Manager.

Urbaniak argues that the monitoring of social mentions can show what people like or dislike in the shared audience and the unanswered questions they ask and these factors can influence the growth spaces of your brand.

Listening to social media through the appropriate tools can provide valuable information about your target audience and your competitors, as well as giving you clues on how to compose your online marketing strategy.

Social Trends 2018: 4) The video will continue to grow

To date, everyone now knows that video content is popular among users and that it is therefore important for a social media marketing campaign and, with the further development of social algorithms, the video will be even more useful for generating engagement and building fanbase.

Both Instagram Stories and Snapchat allow brands to create video content and share it immediately with their followers. The ability to create videos quickly and effectively and be able to link video to written content will always be more important for brands, not only on real social platforms, but also for blogs and other publications.

More than 200 million people use Instagram Stories every month, 50 million more than Snapchat, but the most incredible thing that Instagram Stories has just one year of life and, at this rate of growth, almost half of Instagram users will use the Stories by the end of 2018.

Socialmedia trends2018: 5) Facebook focuses on mobile

It was predicted that by 2020 59% of US users will use Facebook exclusively via mobile devices and 80% of the company's profits are derived from mobile ads.

Facebook was the last of the social media platforms that was not originally developed to reside on the mobile. Looking at other apps, like Instagram and Snapchat, we've seen a trend of mobile-only (or mainly mobile) social apps for some time. Optimization for mobile has been a widespread practice among some careful online marketing experts, but, even more so, with Facebook not far from being dominated by use in mobility, brands will no longer have excuses for not creating and distributing content optimized for small screens.

Social media trends 2018: 6) Chatbots will continue to grow

The instant connection and broadband internet have long accustomed us to want things for yesterday, or, if not possible, within the next 5 minutes from the rise of desire or need, but this, unfortunately, in some frequent cases, pushes the companies and their online managers of the brand to respond so quickly to make mistakes and reduce the quality of the service, or, in other cases, to freeze on positions of refusal, without being able to keep up with the demands of the market and speed often request.

Just mentioned one of the reasons that makes chatbots so useful, especially via Facebook Messenger. Chatbots give companies the ability to quickly respond with their audience in a way that may even seem personal: you can customize the voice of your brand and send personalized content directly to users. At the moment there are about 100,000 bots active on Facebook Messenger a month and there are 2 billion messages exchanged between users and brands in this way. If you're not already using them, 2018 might be a good time to test a chatbot.

Socialmedia trends2018): 7 Invest in influencer marketing

More than 90% of the experts who have adopted an influencer marketing strategy, believe it was a successful choice. Companies like North Face, Hubspot and Rolex use influencer marketing strategies based on social media to connect with their audience and improve the engagement of existing users.

This year we have seen various companies usually engaged in traditional marketing plans make the effort to connect with their consumers via social media embracing the marketing influencer. The next year is likely to see a growth of brands that use influencers to reach that large portion of users who are not sensitive to traditional communication strategies.

Social media trends: 8) Put the focus on Z generation

A recent study by Goldman Sachs concluded that for many brands the so-called Z Generation is more economically valuable than millennials. Today the oldest member of the Zetas can be considered to be a twenty-two year old. These individuals are just starting to become labor force and will have increased purchasing power for some time.

Brands should begin to recognize the interests of this latest generation and modulate their strategies in this regard. In this sense, by 2018, it is to be expected that major advertising investments will be made on platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Social media trends: 9) Rethinking Twitter

Twitter users have not grown significantly in 2017 and LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram all have more Twitter users. This year, moreover, Twitter has also lost access to streaming NFL games (Amazon has obtained the rights). In 2018 it is likely that Twitter management will rethink the platform's operating strategy.

Some possible changes include the sale of the company to private investors, functional changes in the platform and possible subscription elements, review of advertising options on Twitter (currently at the bottom of the list compared to its primary competitors), etc

Next year it might be useful to concentrate on moving advertising investments towards increasingly popular platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Social media trends 2018: 10) Social Media for publications

Social platforms are increasingly exploring the most suitable options to move from being a simple place to share content to a place where you can also create and publish content. During the last year, LinkedIn has grown in popularity as a place to publish content and many companies use it to increase the B2B influence of their articles.

Snapchat and Instagram are evolving to allow new scrolling features of articles and related content. In addition, Facebook Instant Aticles is becoming more popular among content creators who start using the feature to publish their pieces directly via the Facebook app.

Content marketing is no longer limited to creating enjoyable content for the website, but focuses on making these contents accessible to the largest number of social users and composing and publishing these contents directly where their users find an increasingly effective way to go and hit your target.

Social media trends 2018: 11) Objective marketing

Social media marketing is becoming even more a way to connect emotionally with your audience and not just any other tool through which to show a new product or share a piece of news. Brands can effectively turn their marketing efforts towards social media targets to hit the audience based on the needs and interests shared with them, particularly by supporting common charitable causes.

Consumers tend to be loyal to brands that show a positive purpose and 91% of analyzed millennials claim to be ready to change their favorite brand based on an association with a welcome cause. The partnership with non-profit organizations or the setting up of a donation program can give the brand a stronger presence, aligning its values ​​to the consumers' priorities.

And what do you intend to do in 2018?

Here all the statistics on social networks updated to 2018.

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