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100 Free Textures from NewTek

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100 Free Textures from NewTek –

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The textures, which are based on images taken in photographic Safari by the "evangelist" LightWave William Vaughan are all at 1600 × 1200 resolution and include images relating to metal, sky, nature, stone, wood freely usable in your three-dimensional creations to create the "Dress" of an object or a background or the material aspect of a three-dimensional element.

The images are all weighing about 1 MB and obviously you need a fast connection to download them: in any case it is possible to preview their contents to download the ones that are really useful for you. The format used is the Jpeg with little compression boost for an excellent quality result.

To view the textures and download them, you can start from this page of the NewTek website

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