10 life-saving apps to always have on your smartphone

10 life-saving apps to always have on your smartphone

From the updated version of 112 to the anti-rape that is activated vocally, here are the 10 applications that help you save yourself in case of need

Risks and fatal dangers are always around the corner. Among the most handy defense weapons, apps are literally, activated on the smartphone screen with a simple touch. Just their simplicity and timeliness makes them ideal in emergencies: from the call to the emergency services to the luminous signaling of your presence in the event of a road accident, there is an application for almost every need given by a danger.

Just in these days the new website dedicated to the single emergency number made its debut on the occasion of 112 days, the European day held on February 11 to celebrate our emergency number (which, like the American 911, should be called one-one-two instead of one hundred and twelve). For the occasion, the 112 Where ARE U app (available for iOS, Android and Windows , already existing but very little known) has been updated and optimized. The plus of the app compared to the traditional call lautomatic sending of location data to the operator, obtained from the smartphone's GPS positioning system. Therefore, even when there are no conditions to speak, you can select the type of assistance you need and the operator will receive the silent call with the indications of the request.

For those wishing to equip their smartphones with life-saving, broad-spectrum tools, we have selected the 10 most useful apps for any emergency occasion in the gallery above. From I-React, which provides for natural disasters by integrating and modeling data from multiple sources up to Red Panic Button with which you just need to press a button on your smartphone to request help in case of anxiety attacks or dangers in general. Waiting for Wrong-way driver warning to arrive shortly, the life-saving system that activates in the event of driving in the wrong direction presented a few days ago by Bosch at the Torino Digital Days.


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