10 Cool Redmi 5 Features and tips you should know

10 Cool Redmi 5 Features and tips you should know

The king of the budget smartphone, Xiaomi has just released its latest smartphone, the Redmi 5 and is proving to be a great successor to the previous Redmi phones. In fact, we've already given the thumb on the phone in our full review. Although the hardware features of this smartphone are really good, the software side of things fascinated us. In our experimentation with this new device, we have discovered various tips and tricks that will improve your experience with Redmi 5. In this article we will share Redmi 5's suggestions and features with you, so that you can also enjoy them:

The best features and tricks of Redmi 5

1. Full screen mode for app

As you may know, Redmi 5 has a beautiful 18: 9 display. I have always been a fan of 18: 9 as not only do they provide us with more vertical space, but they also make larger phones more handy with one hand thanks to their smaller width . That being said, a problem that smartphones with 18: 9 displays are that not all apps are optimized for them, so they display black bars at the top and bottom that look ugly. Xiaomi helps you solve this problem by allowing you to enable full screen mode for all apps. To do it, Go to Settings -> Additional settings -> Button and gestural shortcuts -> Full screen mode .

Here, you can enable full screen mode for individual apps so you don't have to see those dreaded black bars anymore.

2. Customize App Vault

One of my favorite features of MIUI is the App Vault feature that allows users to quickly access app shortcuts, notes, apps and other information by swiping from left to right on the main screen . In Redmi 5, Indian users can also enjoy some specific features of India that Xiaomi introduced for Indian users.

My favorite cards in the App Vault are the Ola and Cricket cards . The Ola card allows me to quickly book taxis and cricket cards to follow the scores. I like the fact that you can choose your favorite teams and then the cricket card will show the scores only for those teams, thus allowing you to personalize your experience.

3. Fast ball

Another great feature of Redmi 5 is the Quick Ball that allows users to easily navigate through its interface. The function basically allows a mobile ball on the display of Redmi 5 which allows the user to access different commands. To enable Quick Ball for go to Settings -> Additional Settings -> Quick Ball, and enable the switch next to "Activate Quick Ball".

The best part of using Quick Ball that can be placed anywhere on the screen . Mostly I use my left-handed phone and I like being able to place the quick ball on the left side of the screen and navigate the interface of Redmi 5 with one hand.

4. Second space

A useful feature of Redmi 5 is the second space that basically allows us to run two instances of the same app. For example, using the second space function, you can run two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. really useful as it allows me to continue using both my work account and my personal account on the same phone. If you want create a second space on your phone go to Settings -> Second space, tap the Activate second space button and follow the steps .

Once you have created your second space, you will notice that both spaces are treated as different phones. So you can basically run two instances of any app you want. To switch from one space to another, it is enough lower the notification tone, touch the permanent space change notification and confirm with the lock screen password .

5. Do more with gestures and buttons

Gestures are another important feature of Redmi 5 that allows users to easily navigate through the user interface and perform actions such as screen capture, camera startup and more. To use these gestures and button shortcuts, go to Settings -> Additional settings -> Button and gesture Shortcuts.

Here you can tap into actions such as starting the camera, capturing screenshots and launching Google Assistants and set up custom buttons and gestures for them. My favorite actions are twice by tapping the power button to start the camera and scroll with 3 fingers to take screenshots .

6. Customize the navigation bar

Since Redmi 5 carries an almost frameless screen, there are no hardware buttons, so you will have to use the software buttons on the screen. Although you can hate or love the buttons on the screen, you can't deny the fact that the buttons on the screen have their advantages. For one, You can swap recent and back buttons and even hide them all together to get an extra screen . To customize the navigation bar, go to Settings -> Additional Settings -> Button and Gesture Subscriptions and scroll down to the "Screen Buttons" section.

Here, enable the "Mirror Buttons" option to swap the recent and back buttons . Enabling "Hide software buttons" hides the navigation bar. The software buttons can then be easily accessed by scrolling up from the bottom of the screen.

7. Multitasking Split-Screen

The Redmi 5 carries a large 5, 7 inch display and if you don't multitask, you're not taking advantage of that display. To start multitasking, tap the recent button and then tap the "Split screen" button at the top left of the screen . Now, just select the apps you want to use in shared screen mode and the game done.

I also like the fact that we don't just use both apps in half-screen mode. In fact, you can hold down and drag the center bar to resize apps in split screen mode. So if you want to give an app an extra space in split screen mode, you can do it easily.

8. One-hand customizable mode

While the Quick Ball feature really useful for one-handed use, not perfect. Fortunately, there is a built-in one-handed mode that you can easily use with one hand. To enable it, Go to Settings -> Additional Settings -> One Hand Mode.

Here, select the screen size you want for your mode with one hand and activate the switch . Once the switch is enabled, you can easily switch to one-hand mode by swiping left or right from the virtual house button. To get out of one-handed mode, all you have to do is touch anywhere in the darkened area.

9. Block the layout of the main screen

Since MIUI 9 does not come with an application drawer, if you're like me, it may take a long time to set up your home screen layout. So, I don't want to let anyone change my layout even by mistake. That's why I keep my home screen locked so that nobody can interfere with the layout of my home screens . If you also want to lock the home screen layout, first pinch with two fingers to access the edit mode. Here, tap Settings and enable the layout option of the Home lock screen.

10. Block apps

One of the best features of MIUI 9 on Redmi 5 that allows users to block individual apps thus increasing privacy. To lock an app, go to Settings, scroll down to find "App Lock" and touch it . Here, touch the "Set password" button and set the password. You can also enable unlocking with the fingerprint switch so you can easily unlock your fingerprint apps and save yourself from the hassle of entering the password again and again.

Use these features and tricks to use Redmi 5 Like A Pro

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