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1 Gigabit Ethernet on the TI: a record for laptops.

logomacitynet1200wide 1

1 Gigabit Ethernet on the TI: a record for laptops. logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple is among the few manufacturers that includes a 1000 Mb ethernet interface in its desktop machines (the standard on PCs is 100 Mb) and many users wonder what the usefulness of such a feature is. But we must not forget that the fortune of computers with apple in recent years has mainly been based on the DTP market where large amounts of data are transferred between members of workgroups. The need to also transfer the huge input files from Firewire with the stream DV which occupies 3.6 MB of disk space for every second of footage, makes the presence of a high transfer bandwidth on the network a necessity and not just a performance gadget. Having inserted an ethernet of such performance even in a laptop makes the It is even more interesting for those who, while working in the sectors that make use of huge files to be treated, wish to maintain the independence and convenience of a laptop to always carry with them. nte it will be necessary to have a Hub capable of supporting these speeds: the market is moving in this direction and once astronomical prices are falling to acceptable levels from any graphic or video studio that aspires to work quickly and efficiently.

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